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Taiz Youth Group Shares Research with Security Figures and Media

July 2019

Throughout July 2019, a YPC-sponsored youth group in Taiz met with various security figures and media outlets to discuss research findings on security provision in the governorate. The research was conducted within the framework of an EU-funded project on security implemented by YPC.

The research finds that police has been increasingly viewed as active, particularly in 2017 when state institutions started functioning again after a devastating war. In 2019, Taiz residents are slightly disappointed with police performance, however (see presentation below).

The youth group had previously received training at YPC Headquarters in Taiz on how to analyze underlying causes of conflict and violence. Based on this training and with YPC assistance, the group prepared presentations on their home governorates. As part of the Saferworld youth network, the youth group gained experience in advocacy during the transitional period between 2012 and 2014.

The meetings took place in the first weeks of July 2019 and were self-organized by the youth group. The group met with the director of Taiz police, as well as of the military police, along with others from the security administration and the media.

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