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The media holds an important role in contributing to or mediating in conflict, framing societal issues, constructing the historic record and furthering narra- tives. Yemen’s media landscape requires substantial support and reform in order to make a constructive contribution to peacebuilding. The increased political capture of the Yemeni media since 2014 has reinforced diverging political discours- es and has contributed to polarization across society and to political fragmen- tation. Content of newspapers, television and online platforms has further eroded journalistic standards through the circu- lation of articles and news with biased angles, ungrounded “facts” and ethical disregard. Practitioners face steep chal- lenges in composing professional stories. Journalists are subject to harassment, in- timidation, abduction and violence. The destruction of infrastructure, currency devaluation and delays in salary payment also inhibit media operations. Yet, jour- nalists remain hopeful of the prospect of media reform and are eager to detail the prerequisites for proactive change. En- couraging the development of indepen- dent news outlets, independent funding and capacity-building activities could en- able the media to contribute to mutual understanding, de-escalation and the re- quirements for peace.

Current Media Projects

Our current media project is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and DT Global. A central goal of the project is to promote discussion on Yemen in various media, in Yemen and abroad.

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