Maali Jamil

Associate Fellow

Maali Jamil joined the Yemen Policy Center as an Associate Fellow in 2022. She is a Yemeni educator and writer pursuing a degree in history and international relations, specializing in conflict, violence, and security. Her research focuses on education, peacebuilding, and youth mobilization.

Maali left Yemen shortly after the war and settled in Jordan, where she worked with like-minded diaspora Yemenis who utilized Amman’s cultural and innovation hubs to create programs and host events to generate interest in Yemen. Having settled in the Netherlands, she completed a one-year education program which focused on child development and pedagogical development and approaches. Alongside her academic pursuits, Maali’s personal writings reflect her experiences and observations in Yemen. She has contributed to ‘APuZ’ (On Politics and Contemporary History), Newlines Magazine, and Al-Madanyia.

She has completed a History degree and is now working on a Master’s degree in the History of Politics and Society at Utrecht University.