Azal Al-Salafi

Research Fellow

Azal Al-Salafi joined the Yemen Policy Center as a Research Fellow in 2021. She majored in LLB international law at Girne American University of Cyprus. After graduation, she practiced law at Yemen’s Khaled Alwazir law firm and worked on cases with the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France.

In 2015 she began working in the human rights, entrepreneurship, and socioeconomic development fields with a focus on migration potential. In 2018 Azal founded Azal & Co., a hybrid social start-up that was granted the ChanzenNutzer award for aiding migrant women, fostering their wellbeing, accelerating their integration process, and promoting their economic potential. Consequently, she worked with the Social Impact GmbH on a variety of impact projects, such as Start Hope @Home, which qualified migrant entrepreneurs to start social start-ups in their homelands.

In July 2019, Azal received the Right to Livelihood Foundation Award scholarship, enabling her to attend the Arab Masters’ Program for Human Rights and Democratization at the Global Campus of Human Rights at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon. In her thesis, Azal proposed restorative justice as a child protection pathway within educational institutions in highly conflicted context such as Yemen. Azal leads dialogues on the Yemen Discussion Board, a solution-oriented platform bringing together young Yemeni experts to tackle topics on Yemen. She continues to study protection pathways, safety nets, entrepreneurial scenes, and start-up ecosystems and their impact on human rights, communities, and nations.


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