Yemen Polling Center Awarded ‘Courage Under Fire Award’ by Gallup

فبراير 2020

The Yemen Polling Center (YPC) was awarded the 2019 MENA World Poll ‘Courage Under Fire’ award from Gallup, Inc., an American analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C. The award was created to recognize organizations for their extraordinary data collection abilities under conflict conditions. The award was presented to Amr Muqbil, representing YPC, during the annual MENA World Poll meeting in Tunis, Tunisia, between 4 and 5 February 2020. YPC was awarded for its excellent and high-standard research services generated under the challenges of war and a critical security situation.

Jihad Fakhreddine, Gallup Regional Research Director, expressed his great appreciation for the scientific achievements of YPC in recent years.  Mr. Fakhreddine thanked all YPC research staff in Yemen under the lead of Hafez Albukari for their excellent work and high-quality data collection.

YPC is Gallup’s partner in Yemen for the Gallup World Poll since 2005. The Gallup’s World Poll continually surveys citizens in 140 countries, representing 95% of the world’s adult population, measuring the public’s attitudes regarding political, social and economic issues, including highly sensitive and controversial subjects.

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