Ahmed Alhagri

Visual Artist

Ahmed Alhagri joined the Yemen Policy Center as a Visual Artist in 2020. Born and raised in Yemen, he has worked as a filmmaker and storyteller. He has been pursuing an independent career over the past seven years, collaborating with several organizations and international TV outlets, such as AJ+, UNESCO, BBC, and Al-Jazeera Network. He moved to Malaysia in 2015 to attend the International Islamic University, where he focused on Electronic Media and Mass Communication studies. In January 2019, he founded ‘Yemen Used to be’, a social media platform that aims to alter stereotypes about Yemen, utilizing it to promote its people’s cultural heritage by visual storytelling. In the meantime, he is working on producing several documentary projects that will be released in 2022. Through his film production style, Ahmed tells in-depth stories that reveal strong human feelings and desires, and highlights the details of people’s daily lives, including struggles with shortages of opportunities, exploitation, and tough life circumstances.